Puma King Platinum FG/AG - Black

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The King is back!  For too many years the footballing world has been without it's king, but the Puma King makes is making its triumphant return to the pitch.  Lighter than ever before, the newest, and quite easily the best version of the iconic classic keeps gets a major technology boost while still paying homage to its predecessors.  As you would expect, the Puma King Platinum is constructed with premium k-leather for a luxury feel, but gets an upgrade with a built-in knitted tongue for superior fit.   There will be no denying that the King is back when you slip your feet into a pair of these classy boots.

The Puma King has been worn by soccer royalty since its inception in 1968.  Players who have donned the iconic boot with the Puma form stripe include: Cruyff, Eusebio, Pele and Maradona.  With a list like this, it could be argued that Ronaldo and Messi will never be considered for worlds best player until they too put on the King.  Whether you are a a weekend warrior, or working your way up the ladder of the soccer pantheon, these boots will look good and feel great, get the Puma King Platinum!