Adidas Predator Tango 18.3 Turf - Team Mode

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Its the beginning of the season and its time for Team Mode. The World Cup is gone and the club and team preparations is about to be put to the test. adidas is ready with a full Team Mode Pack with bright colors, a tribute to clubs and passion. The bright design symbolizes that you need to step out of the pre-season training, and in to the spotlight. It is time to put the hours of training and practice to the test. Passion and the will to succeed is what will push you to glory, with your team!

• innovative upper – weight 297 gram

Upper with anatomical fit and a seamless sock for superior fit
Predator 18.3 is crafted with a Sockfit construction made from spandex, that uses its elastic properties to adapt to your feet and its movements - providing a dynamic, sock like fit. This creates a streamlined connection between foot and boot, creating a truly unique and complete fit. The upper is following ergonomic principles, especially around the heel - creating an effective lock in, generating optimum support and lockdown.

Improved touch
This boot features an all new and superior softness, that improves your touch and control on the ball. A boot designed with mesh material. On the front part adidas has added a special coating, providing amazing control in all kind of weather conditions.

Control outsole
The advanced outsole gives you the best possible basis for using your mobility and agility to the max, as it offers excellent stability and support.

Weight: 297 gram

This TF boot is made specially for artificial surfaces including turf and artificial turf.