Adidas Predator Fingersave Jr. - Team Mode

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Its the beginning of the season and its time for Team Mode. The World Cup is gone and the club and team preparations is about to be put to the test. adidas is ready with a full Team Mode Pack with bright colors, a tribute to clubs and passion. The bright design symbolizes that you need to step out of the pre-season training, and in to the spotlight. It is time to put the hours of training and practice to the test. Passion and the will to succeed is what will push you to glory, with your team!

• the Predator glove is the preferred choice with Manuel Neuer and David de Gea

The palm is built around a 3.5 mm thick allround latex, which helps give a good grip on the ball and that is in all weather conditions. Underneath the latex surface you find a 4mm foam padding, which gives you better protection and shock-absorbency, when you have to save hard shots from your opponents. The glove has a Flat Palm cut, which is a classic cut with out seams. The cut is the first to be used by goalkeepers and is still to this day the most used. The Flat Palm cut delivers a traditional fit, as well as an optimal latex-to-ball contact.

The back hand on the glove is furthermore made from latex, which gives you a far more comfortable fit and improved protection, when you look to box the ball out of the area. In addition the glove has fingersave, which gives you great protection for your backhand and fingers. The fingersave is developed to resist pressure from the hard shots, so your fingers and backhand aren't pushed backwards.

The Predator FS junior glove comes with a snug elastic bandage. In addition, it has a side opening, allowing you to easily take the gloves on and off. Moreover, the glove can be adjusted via a strap to give you a personal fit.