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Adidas ACE Tango 17.3 Primemesh IN 

The ACE boot silo from adidas, which is designed for the player who calls the shots, sets the pace and implements the manager’s game plan. With focus on control, stability and touch - it is now your time to dictate the game, letting the boots do the talking. It is your time to shine!

• ACE is worn by such players as Mesut Özil, Ivan Rakitic and Paul Pogba

• Innovative hybrid upper – Weight: 218 grams

Primemesh combined with neoprene for superior touch
ACE 17.3 Primemesh Kids is made with a hybrid upper, made from Primemesh on the front foot and neoprene on the rest of the foot. This allows the boot to shape perfectly to your feet - from the very first time you put the boots on. You get a tight and sock like fit, that offers great support even at top speed and when doing quick change of direction. It helps you get a perfect first touch and superior control on the ball - better than ever before. The upper has been coated with the adidas NSG coating. NSG stands for Non-Stop Grip, and is essentially a 3D texture applied to the upper, that allows for added grip and control of the ball in all weather conditions.

Primecut silhouette
The Primecut silhouette offers a perfect individual fit, stability and comfort. The technology allows for a streamlined fit around your ankle, for a sock like fit unlike anything else.

Flexible outsole for increased maneuverability
Outsole is especially developed to provide comfort, protection and stability. It allows you stay close to pitch for optimum grip and contact to the pitch - for faster and more efficient turning.

This indoor shoe has a non-marking sole and is for polished indoor surfaces.